Random // My Rapist.

I can just feel her. She took care of me and taught me being sensitive. She caught my body and strangled me till I gave up. At first, I didn’t. She slowly enticed my body and entered it. She broke my self esteem and will to live. A tortured soul, in one, already imperfect body. She found my scars, turned them into cuts. Eventually turned into wounds. She didn’t let the previous ones to heal. Wound after wound, something died. Not me. Not my will. Just my soul. Day by day, making me regret to ever to open up. Day by day, bit by bit, destroying me, my dreams. No shiny eyes, no a smile on the face. Suffocation made me give up. You turned my life into misery. You forced me to cleanse myself. Scrubbing so hard, I’d bleed, I’d cry. Lived in depression and everyone called it normal. No one understood. Not even you. I hope I had someone I could talk to. I just feel so vulnerable everyday. 

Dear​ mom. You rape my soul. 

I’d like to hear from you,





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