Random // Dead Inside.

​I still wonder how can people not see a dead person. A person dead from inside. No hopes, no goals, just going with the flow. Whenever he tried to oppose the flow, people showed him his box. “Don’t get out of this”, everyone ordered, from their imaginary boxes, which they were told to never escape. No one tried to escape, ever. Just as dead as everyone else, there came a new addition, to the so called “society”, a monotonous addition. I mean, it’s obvious to see dead people right? Pretty visible. Only if everyone knew they are better actors than Oscar winning performancea these days. They’re just people tired of living and scared of dying, they’re kinda the intermediate phase, make it or break it phase. Everyday of their life, is not a war. It’s just, the same. As it was a week, month or even a year ago. With zero motivation, they go a long mile, in doing the most beautiful thing anyone could ever do. Live. They live. Not to the fullest, but upto some extent, they do live. With a small ray of light, with a pinch of hope of things getting better eventually. Even though, they live in the box, they dream about breaking through the box. Being every stereotype, they ever hated,  passing the box, from generation to generation. Making a world of living dead people. 

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