Is AFV really funny?

Let’s not talk about how famous ‘America’s Favourite Home Videos’ is, all around the world. There’s no denial in the show being really entertaining and funny. But I’m not sure if I like the show or not. Ofcourse this is my lookout, I don’t intend on changing or influencing anyone else’s views.

The show is a great way of earning a couple of thousand dollars by uploading a video. Till the recent times, I liked the show and all the seasons. I mean who doesn’t like Tom Bergeron? But what j realised is, that about 90% of the videos shown, are about people getting hurt or injured. Ofcourse some of them are really funny and hysterical to look at. But basically we’ve been laughing on people getting hurt, laughing on others pain. I’m  sure the intention of the show wasn’t that, but I just can’t laugh at a person who got kicked it the balls by a horse, or a baby that fell from his pram. It’s not funny at times. I just feel grossed out on how petty things do people laugh upon. We don’t imagine us in their scenario and become egocentric. Once it happens to us, we feel offended if someone makes a joke out of it. It’s just that, getting injured, is not funny. But that’s what 90% of the videos are about.

Once again, I don’t intend to hurt anyone feelings or fandom.

I’d like to here from you,



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