No means no if a woman says it. 


I do not intend to hurt anyone by my views. It’s just something I want to get of my chest and something which is really messed up, and needs to be addressed.

So yesterday, I was seeing an Indian award show. One of the best Indian actors, Sir Amitabh Bachchan gave a speech and said something which I appreciate but i disagree too. 

A movie called, ‘Pink’ was released in India. One of the main moral of the movie was, when a woman says no, it means no. I agree, it was a movie on woman rights and empowerment. Quite a strong message portrayed in a subtle but impactful way.

I agree with women empowerment and assume all of these efforts are made to make women equal to men, and not superior. There was a time when women fought for equality in the society, which over the time has become, superiority. I don’t think feminist ever stood up for dominance, they wanted equality. 

I feel, men too have problems. Men do get raped too, don’t they? When a man says no, why isn’t considered no? Men too go under a lot of social pressure. Considering the growing feminism, men are not at all at par. No one picks up or talks about issues related to men. A man is considered to solve every problem and face every obstacle. There’s this stereotyped man, that people need to get over. 

Men don’t open up, and are presumed as the stronger section of the society. An issue doesn’t become news until a movie is made on it. Maybe that’s how people need to be Awakened. There is this called equality, which you can achieve. Feminism means, women equality​and not women dominance and male inferiority. 

I’d like to hear from you,



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