Some weird stuff.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of stuff and I’m not sure what it exactly is. I’ll not call it paranormal activity, but it has been something weird. I don’t know if you guys will read the entire of it or not, considering it’s a really long blog. But please do comment, if you’ve ever faced something like this.

A few weeks ago, I was awake at 2Am, most probably because I had to appear for an exam the next day. Around 2:30, I feel someone’s at the main door of my house, and wanted to enter the house. I checked from the window just aside the door, I didn’t see anyone. I went back to my room, considering there wasn’t anyone. After I entered my room, I felt a weird sensation, a tingling sensation, I could feel chills down my back. The temperature variably increased, I could hear someone talking to me and I could feel two spirits trying to enter my house. They wanted to enter, but something stopped them. I felt negative vibes, something bad was about to happen. I just checked everything in my house and ensured everyone was sleeping. I came back to my room, I could still feel two spirits trying to enter. I texted my best friend about this, and tried to sleep. 

I wasn’t able to sleep and just tried to close my eyes. Just as I closed my eyes, I saw two faces flash before me. These faces are familiar and were of two of my close family members. Nevertheless, I tried to sleep and dosed off for a few minutes. I saw three flashes in my dream. One of which was my house being totally empty, and all our money being stolen. The second being, fire in our house, and the third being our house’s electrical wires getting short-circuited.

 I have no idea why, but I told my mom about this the next​ day. She actually believed in the possibility of this happening. So what we did was we checked all the electrical stuff, bought a fire extinguisher, and kept just necessary amour of money and jewelry in the house.

After a few days of research, can I call it research? After Many Google searches, one of the possibility I believe in, is it being a guardian angel. I know, I don’t believe in this stuff either, but that could be a possibility. I read many articles, out of which one said, an angel could be around you, if you experience the sensations I experienced. A few days later, my best friend told me it could be my grandfather, but I’m not sure about anything, but this was really weird.

I’ve just been having really many intuitions now-a-days, which may or may not come true. I have no idea, so help me if you can, comment below. ❤️

I’d like to hear from you



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