When I gave myself one month.

Okay as random as this gets, I’m writing this at 1:12AM, just before I should sleep. I don’t know this day has been something really special, something I wanted to happen from a really long time.(I realised what had happened while writing this blog, it’s below.) Just the fact that after so much of hardships and ups and downs, things are falling into place. I’ve been feeling really good about myself lately and I’m being supported by my family too, there were these conversations we missed having, and today, we had them. I remembered how it feels being trusted. However baseless this might seem, this is a great achievement for me, on an individual level. I wasn’t “happy” in a long time, today was the day. I don’t know whom do I thank, my best friend who never lost faith in me and always supported me. The month gone by, on the 2nd in February, I asked my best friend to tolerate me and my depression shit for one month, and give me one month to get out of it. It’s one month today. I never expected this to happen, the fact that he stood asides me for one month, where I had been miserable, just tells me a lot about him. I can’t imagine the condition I might be in if you hadn’t supported me. As cheesy as this gets, thank you for not leaving me. Even my health wasn’t doing so well in February, it’s pretty better now. 

I’d like to hear from you,





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