8 Things You Should Keep In Mind During Your Exams

Since the 10th standard and 12th standard boards are just around the corner, here’s a few things you shouldn’t forget. The boards being the most important exam and since you’ve been preparing for it since one year, you might expect it to be really threatening. They’re not, if you face them with the correct lookout. Yes, they do hold untmost Importance in this day and age, but it’s not a thing stressing yourself for.

1. Don’t think you haven’t studied enough

Don’t depreciate yourself. You’ve worked hard, and you’ll achieve your goal. Don’t doubt yourself or don’t get influenced by your parents or teachers. Boards are easy, and the biggest barrier people face is dreadful description their teachers and parents have given them. Just remember, don’t lose your cool and recollect a year of hardwork and sincerity. Don’t doubt your ability and self worth. 

2. Take Your Parents Along

They’ve seen you struggle and study, they’ve seen the graph of your marks. They deserve to be there with you. You’ll have a sense of support and motivation which will help you to get over anxiety and stress. Just a tight hug from them will make you forget your fears and give you the power to face them. Ofcourse, emotional support matters a lot. Don’t forget, they have been waiting to see you grow up and this is an important stage, too.

3. Don’t Be Late

There’s no legitimate reason for this, but it’s preferable to reach your exam location atleast half and hour early. Reaching late is not appropriate for such an important exam. Not only will it create a bad impression, it’ll also provocate your anxiety and stress. Being late is anyway not preferred, avoid any case of panic and do everything calmly. Don’t let anything affect your day and exam, not the traffic or a vehicle breakdown. Be early and be safe. Tag your parents along everyday, just in case.

4. Don’t Discuss Your Paper

 Preferably don’t discuss anything regarding the subject prior to the paper and anything following the paper. Don’t make yourself believe that what you’ve written is not appropriate or up to the mark. Be content with your paper and don’t doubt what you’ve written. Discussing the paper with your friends kindles doubt and creates a negative mindset for the following scheduled exam.

5. Rumours Everywhere

Don’t believe in rumours, ranging from changes in the board timetable to changes in the centre. Nothing is official until the board doesn’t make it a public news. The time period between now and the boards, you’ll hear many rumours, just refer to the official board site. Don’t believe in WhatsApp forwards and rumours. You could also contact your school/college.

6. Be prepared

Be prepared, mentally and be ready to face twist and turns and just believe in yourself. Don’t skip on your breakfast or meal, don’t go to the centre empty stomach. Create a checklist before every exam, regarding the stationary you will require for every exam and whether you have your hall ticket or not. Also, don’t forget to be very well equipped and keep many backups. In the sense, carry more than one kind of stationary, keep ready two or more of them. Pencils, pens, scales, erasers and any other stationary, remember you’ve been waiting for this day since a year. Don’t waste your opportunity.

7. The Past Is The Past

 Don’t let your previous paper ruin your following papers. What has been written is written, and can’t be changed. Don’t carry over a bad exam experience for every of your coming exam. Assure yourself, not every exam is the same and make a good comeback with the next exam, not thinking about the previous exam.

8. It’s not the end

Not performing well for an exam is not the end to the world. Things eventually workout and fall into place. Not everyone is good at studies, and at memorizing stuff. Not scoring well, doesn’t make you worthless and doesn’t imply you won’t get a good college. Don’t be disheartened, and work hard for your next exam and try to balance out the aggregate.

Don’t forget your marks don’t define you and your capabilities. You’ll see more successful people who didn’t score well in their board exams. Over a period it won’t even matter. Just don’t forget it’s just an exam, and the only person you have to prove, is yourself.


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