I wanted to confess something.

It’s one year, let’s put an end to this.

Yes, I know there are many negative posts and I’ve been posting my mind out, just like most of you guys told me to. I’ve been feeling really better. But I’ve decided to put an end to this misery. Let’s rise together and live healthily.

I’ve been dealing with walking depression since the last year. What I could see from the last one month, it was overpowering me. I started crying a lot, over petty issues, I started with self depreciation, I didn’t want to talk to people, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I needed help. The last one year of mine has been miserable, yet really very good. I lost many of my ‘best friends’ and understood it was all one sided, always. I don’t know why, I’m writing all of this with the biggest smile on my face, because it’s all a phase. The correct person will come to you. I’ve got that one person in my life, and now there’s looking back. You just need to find that one person. I realised that he was the only one who I wanted to talk. We found a way out. I’ve kinda accepted my family life and problems, that is the way it’s going to be, I can’t change it. I never thought acceptance would be so difficult. 

After dealing with walking depression, I can finally say, I feel much better now. I know this is an abrupt end, but well, I don’t know what to say. 

I’d like to hear from you-





4 thoughts on “I wanted to confess something.

  1. Your post not only explains your issues but also some other people’s issues too… That means you relate to people a lot and by this honestly you have provide with some or the there relief… I’m sure of that.. Thank you so much ❤️🙂

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