To the people I loved…

We might’ve or not might’ve ended it on a positive note, but I dedicate this to you.

I haven’t been with many girls and neither crushed on many girls. There were rare cases in which I summoned energy and went up to them and told them about my feelings. This blog is for you girls.

 Thank you, for making me who I am today. All of those heartbreaks, fights, arguments made me stronger, and better as a person. I don’t deny that I have had the best time in my life with you, and we legit had fun with eachother, there was nothing forced, it was really free flowing. The fact that we faced everything together was the best part. Thank you for putting me in pain, now I understand when people are in pain and help them. I understand the reason behind their silence and try to help them. Thank you for making me feel miserable at times, now miserable doesn’t feel miserable any more. I’ve got this higher pain threshold now. Thank you for letting me know what love is.

I would love to see you flourish in life as well. You guys have been such an important chapter in my life and unknowingly taught me some really important life skills.

I’d like to hear from you-





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