It wasn’t easy

It wasn’t easy

To not go out.

To not have friends

To be alone.

 To be used again and again. 

To be depressed.

 To be hopeless. 

To finally meet someone you deserved. 

To not cry in front of your best friend. 

To go to a new college.

To be nice to everyone. 

To not being able to follow your dreams. 

To not being supported.

To be called a homosexual.

To be called a girl. 

To not be good in sports.

To be short heighted and prove stuff.

To control your tears in school. 

To seeing someone being Ill treated. 

To seeing someone ruining himself.

To connect to people. 

To try to open up to people.

To be bottled up.

To see someone going away.

To see someone suffering.

It wasn’t easy.

I’d like to hear from you-



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