What is success for me?

I asked my followers on Instagram asking for suggestions for my next blog. This was one of them which I’d like to answer. 

What is success for me? Here’s my answer.

For me, success is being appreciated, being accepted my people, standing out yet fitting in. I’ve never been accepted the way I am, not by family, not by friends. If people like me, that’s what success is. 

Success is not getting unnoticed. Life has given me rewards when I do something right. When I’ve been on the right track, when I’ve been good to people, good had happened to me, as well. Success was Lilly Singh replying to me. Success was meeting Prajakta Koli.  

Success is being selfless. I’ve been reading for the blind students. Basically, you read out their portion to them. I saw them dancing in the college fest, with utmost co-ordination and synchronisation. It left me teary eyed. It was like seeing my own kids dance. This Is success.

Success is seeing, followers and views and my stats. There’s this increase, that I never expected. In January itself, I’ve touched 50% of my last year’s stats. This is success.

Success is being talked about. The other day, I saw a few guys from my class, reading my blog in front of me and liking every post they read. People like my work. This is success. 

Success is support. The fact that I have one guy that supports me, always. Despite of how much ever we fight and how much ever we argue, we’ve got eachothers back’s. 

Success is growth, not just as a blog, but as a person as well. Being appreciative and living life.

Success is seeing someone trust you. Success is someone opening up to you. Success is seeing my best friend flourish. Success is seeing family happy. Success is seeing the same friends around you. Success is not getting bored of your job. Success is loving your college. Success is loving what you’re doing.

This is success for me. 

I’d like to hear from you. What is success for you?

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