Confession post.


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I’ve changed two colleges in the last few months and I’ve met many people, and many different people. I’ve just seen an array of people that I have a lot of stuff to write upon. One of the stuff I wanted to write upon is, how much variety Arts, as a stream can provide.

We’ve been told from our schooling years, that arts is a field taken up by weak students, students who want to pass anyway without studying. Since I’ve taken arts, I’d like to clear the air about this. Arts, as a stream, is not easy. It’s theoretical and really very applicable. Altogether, taking up arts, has made me a better individual. I’ve started appreciating things, people and life. 

As I said, arts has a lot of variation. I have many friends in my class and the one thing I’m pretty sure about, is no two people want to opt for the same career. Everyone knows they’re going to land up doing something different than their friends. I have a small group of friends in college who I interact on a daily basis. All I can say is that we’re a group of a future bloggers, writers, singers, rappers, teachers, lawyers, Bakery and translators. I can proudly say, there’s no hatred and no competition whatsoever. Due to this variation, everyone knows there is hardly any competition. I’ve made real friends, irrespective of their marks or grades. Arts taught me to look for a person’s personality, something that 14 years of school didn’t teach me.

If you opt for science or commerce, your options get streamlined. This causes competition. In the back of everyone’s mind, there’s this one thing, no one wants to be overtaken. If you’re overtaken, you’re lost. This is a thing that I don’t particularly see in arts.

Arts students are more broader minded about the world issues. I’ve seen commerce students frowning upon LGBT issues, whereas arts students love to fanboy over people with different gender preferences. We’re opinionated people with the guts to say stuff. That doesn’t imply in any way that we fight a lot, unecessarily. There’s this selflessness I see in every student. I love how every student has the will to help others. I haven’t seen people getting jealous from their best friend. 

I solely believe criticizing arts as a stream does nothing but creates this divide of inferiority and superiority. But one thing people forget, the clothes they wear, the songs they listen to, the actors they worship, the paintings they look up to, who makes them? Arts students. What do we live for anyway?  For poetry, beauty, romance, love.

I’m not trying to prove anyone superior here. But Arts students are taught to love life, understand the true essence of life. It teaches us to be diversely united. Even though, we might not score as much marks as the other streams might do. But yeah, we’re happy, and that’s what matters the most, right?

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