Stop ruining yourself.

Lately, I’ve seen many of school friends getting engaged in alcoholism and hookah. I’m shocked to see really nice people, who I really liked, getting drunk and updating Snapchat or Instagram stories of them.

 Most of the people got into negative influence and ruined themselves by alcohol, cigarette, hookah, beedi, and shit. I don’t understand to blame the source of influence or their will to do this to their lives. All of this might seem really cool, but years down the lane, it’s effects will show. People blame their alcoholism on their depression. I’d still prefer talking to someone close to battle my depression rather than consuming alcohol and losing all senses. Maybe the movies might’ve promoted consumption of alcohol a bit to lavishly and made all the chartbuster songs alcohol related. 

My best friend and I have decided to not consume alcohol, ever. If any one of us does it, we’ll breakup. If I’ll ever be suffering through anything, I’d prefer sharing it with him, and we’d find a solution together. If you want to talk, talk. Don’t consume alcohol. If my best friend starts consuming alcohol, is the day I’ll feel I could be a better friend. Maybe I wasn’t a good friend, not enough to hear his problems. If you have a problem, don’t drink, talk and share. Solely because forgetting the problem doesn’t solve it. 

Even though we can’t blame anyone, we can’t blame the reasons of why they drink, I’d love them to find better alternatives. Ofcourse it’s their life and they can do whatever they want to, but I can’t see people Ruining themselves. If you have any problem or need any help, I’m here to listen. 

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