Everything gets better.

We’ve been told, time heals everything and everything gets better. But in the real world, do things really get better? In my opinion, no. 

How do you expect something miserable to get better with time. Ofcourse you might forget it and not think about it, that doesn’t imply in anyway that things get better. It would’ve gotten better if it had to. In the recent days, I too, had been using ‘everything gets better’ to overcome the misery I was facing. I was making myself believe, that things would get better. Even though, I knew they won’t, I preferred hiding the truth. I saw I was lying to myself. To be honest, this is one of the biggest lie people have been telling us. People even say, you will grow into it. You don’t. After people asking you to grow into it, you start losing hope and feel bad about you misery, about how it can’t get any better and you have to adjust according to the situation. Growing into your problems is just accepting that your life is miserable. 

I don’t feel that everything gets better or time heals everything. But the one thing I know, is never losing hope and fighting all odds. Even if everything doesn’t get better, fight it. Don’t lose hope and expect everything to get better without fighting against it. 

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