Things I expect from 2017.

This is a light hearted blog. These are roughly, the things I expect from the year 2017. These are also the things that have been bothering me in 2016

 Love for the ones who need it. Attention to the ones who deserve it. Respect for all. Equality for all. Health for the ill. Wealth for the poor. Shelter for the unprotected. Affection for the deprived. Food for the hungry. Time for the busy. Jobs for the unemployed. Communication for the distant. Friendship for the lonely.  Peace for the world. Greatness for the hard-working.  A vast ocean for the ones living in a pond. An aid for the ones in war. Sanitation for the unsanitised. Family for the orphans. Humanity for the inhuman. Justice for the unjustified. Light for the ones lost in the dark. Silence for the disturbed. Paths for the ones lost. Sunrise for every sunset. 


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