Throwback to the year gone by.

This is a blog dedicated to the year gone by. I’m not a really expressive guy in real life. But these were the moments that made my 2016 come alive.


 I specifically don’t have any picture or memory of January. All I did was studied for an important examination which I had to pass at any cost (Tenth boards). I was caught up in this vicious cycle of exams and studying.


13th February. Yes, this was me back then. This was our farewell. Basically the last day we went to school. Even though, now I don’t like what I was back then, I cannot deny this was the best day of the month of February.


25th March. Our boards weren’t done yet. But there was a week long holiday between two exams. So we saw the movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’. This is the best Bollywood movie I have seen till date. A two hour movie with 100% emotions and 200% hardwork. No unnecessary kissing or drama. Everyone came out of the movie hall with moist eyes. This movie changed me altogether, I became more appreciative of life, love and family. 


12th April. This was literally a dream come true. We planned this trip a night before we actually had to. Made all the arrangements a night prior and asked our parents a day before going. We went to Alibaug, which is basically a coastal region, comprising primirialy of beaches. The trip lasted for 3 days. The tans might fade, but the memories won’t.


18th May. This might feel unecesary to some, but to me, it means a lot. NY Nani’s (Grandmother) health has been pretty bad since the last 3 years. This time, she was really very serious and the doctors gave up. All the relatives came to the hospital to be with her during her Last moments. But this lady didn’t give. Nani, is very much healthy now. The doctors called it a miracle, I call it willpower. The picture above, was the last thing she wrote in the hospital. Even though it is sloppy, it reads, “remove the tube and let me go”. 


6th June.  This was the result day for the exams that we gave in march. I secured at 86%, which I knew I’d be getting. I predicted this a day before the results and that’s what I got. I don’t believe in the Indian education system. So I don’t mind getting 86%. My best friend got a really average %age, and he’s way more smarter than me. Just for the people reading this, marks don’t determine you.


9th July. I tried my hand at YouTube, and failed miserably. I was the worst and couldn’t fit in. Thereafter, I started blogging. For some reason, WordPress was my first option. This was my first blog ever. This journey of 6ish months has been great. I love blogging and speaking my heart out to people whom I’m never going to meet.


If you’ve read my blogs, you know I changed my college  and my stream. I really liked that college and the people, the only thing I didn’t like was I tried to fit in. I was doing something I never wanted to do, commerce. But, the time I spent in the college, was something different, it was special.


1st September. I remember changing my college on the 1st of September. Since I was a month late to college, the principal suggested me to come to college, from the very next day. My college is really very far away, and for the first time, I went to such a place by a train. Ofcourse, I was really scared, but I knew something good would happen. A few days into College, and I found these awesome people, who I could relate to. I never needed to be someone else. I was myself and got accepted my everyone. Now, I love my college.


30th October. This was my 16th birthday midnight. This was a surprise from my best friend. You can see him rubbing a half eaten donut on my face, maybe because the cake was too precious to waste on my shitty face. Anyway, this was my favourite day and my best birthday to be honest. I seriously don’t know how to describe it, but my birthday was on the same day as Diwali, and despite of this, they came to my house at 12AM, and wished me. 


3rd November. This is really special, because my best friend touched 1000 YouTube subscribers. Even though I didn’t play any important role in this, but I really know how hard he has worked for this. For some reason, I was happy, too. 


22nd December. I had set some goals for 2016. One of them was touching 400 views. The other was 50 likes. On 22nd December, I randomly checked my stats, and I saw this.100 more views than expected. I didn’t know how much to thank every one of the person  who read my blog. 500 views in six months. For some it might be normal, but for me it was unexpected. This made my December and rounded up my 2016.

This was basically the year 2016 in a blog. I’ve cherished this year a lot and learned a lot from this year. I’ve got the biggest gift from this year, blogging. Even though, this blog may seem a bit pointless to many, I just wanted to share, relive and appreciate the events that changed me as a person. Peace.❤

I’d like to hear from you,

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