The five things that piss me off…

Okay, so I’ve shortlisted 5 things that piss me off. Honestly, I’m pissed off by everything single thing that exists. These 5 are at the epitome, and can piss me off almost anywhere and anytime.

5. SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION-                      This is literally everyone’s worst nightmare. In our world, right now, we don’t like anything slow. We cannot tolerate slow-ness of a person, be it our parents, colleagues or even the elderly. If you’re agile enough, you don’t survive.

4. PEOPLE BRAGGING ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS-                                                        I literally get pissed off when people brag about their relationships. Like bro, I’m happy you are in a relationship but why do you show-off? A few months later, when they’ll breakup, they’ll justify their breakup by saying, “he/she wasn’t the one”. It would’ve been so much easier to answer people if you hadn’t shown off about being relationship goals.

3. CHILDREN WITH BETTER PHONES THAN ME-                                                                        When children aged 5-6 use iPhone with such ease, i feel disturbed about where the new generation is landing up. They’ve mastered the usage of phones at that age by the ‘hit and trial’ method. Just to see, children having better phones than me, and they know how to use them, pisses me off.

2. CRYING CHILDREN-                                              I can’t stand the sight of children crying and their parents not being able to control them. When I was small, all my parents had to do is give me ‘that’ stare in eye and I’d get all my shit together. Children crying is the most cringey sound I’ve ever heard. Kids nowadays are so pampered that they aren’t scared of their parents. Also, to the parents, if you couldn’t handle him, why did you have him? 

1. THIS, ONE INDIAN THING-                                  This is totally an Indian thing. Every house helper, maid, or as we fondly call them, ‘bai’ never ever will turn on the fan after mopping and sweeping our room. They will ensure we die of heat of the blanket and drown in our own sweat, but won’t turn on the fan.

BONUS INDIAN THING-                                              It pisses me off how every female house helper is named ‘Sangeeta’ or ‘Pooja’. Like is this some kind of category to enroll if you want to become a maid?  Does your name have to be Sangeeta? 


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