Do you see, what I see?

See the world through my eyes, as I show you what i see, everyday.

 I see the elderly getting up early to walk, maybe age is really just a number. I see people getting late for their work and still catching up with their long last friends after years. I see students waving and singing in the school bus, nostalgia hit hard, and reality killed nostalgia. I see a small kid hugging his mother in the darkness of the tunnel, prefer love over darkness. I see women leaving their kids to school, with a bit of hesitation, in the hope of them becoming successful. I see the silhouettes created by the sun’s rays, how beautiful could the dark be. I see an endless creek, with water sparkling in full glory, taught me you don’t have to be an ocean to be appreciated or glorified. I see millions of birds, feeding on the fish, maybe at times you have to take a dive to achieve what you deserve. I see half cultivated farm lands, different shades of green triumphed the blue ocean. I see happier people in the slums, they show me luxury ≠ happiness. I see small children playing cricket, even though they don’t have a bat, looking happier than any country with a worldcup. I see tracks getting repaired, and people working hard in the sun, for hundreds and thousands of other people, talk about selflessness. I see so many men, going to work and support their family, still they’ve never heard a ‘thank you’. I see people forcefully entering their luxury cars, a question I would ask, why?  I see a tv dish in every slum, why do we forget they need entertainment, too. I see police officers, working hard to keep others protected. I see flower vendors, selling the freshest and most exotic flowers, in order to make someone’s day better. I see an artist painting the walls, making them abstract and colourful, like the world should be. I see devotees standing outside temples, waiting to worship and celebrate the feeling of being united. Most importantly, I see people living life. 

I see all of this, everyday, with the biggest smile on my face, sitting at one place, in the span of 40 minutes.

God bless the Mumbai railways.


I’d like to hear from you. 

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