When people talk about my blog.

I love when people take time, read my blogs, despite them being shitty and pointless rants at times, appreciating them and uploading status about them. 

For some reason, even though i don’t earn from blogging, I love it. I love the feeling that I’m doing something I like, something I look forward to every Sunday and Wednesday or Thursday. It takes a lot of proof reading and editing. I ensure my blog doesn’t offend any sect of the society. When you guys, like, comment, or appreciate my work, I become the happiest person on the planet. When people remember the minutest details of my blog and the titles of my blog, it just makes me realise how impactful this network is.

 Though I’ve hit a low patch on my blog right now and have zero views or likes, these people keep me motivated. 

I’d like to hear from you.

Follow me on-

Instagram- The_sarcastic_singh

Twitter- @Man_Not_So_Deep

Facebook- The Sarcastic Singh


He’s the guy who uploaded this status-

Instagram- Comical _dude

Twitter- @dude_comical 


This happened to me the same day the above portion took place. I have never recieved such motivation. This guy is in my college. He discovered me through my Instagram. He read all of my blogs and texted me then and there. 

Thank you so much.❤

Follow him-

Instagram- the_melodramian_khalid


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