Thank you.

​Thank you for everything you’ve done.

For tolerating me as your son.

I thought you were happy,

Lesser did I know I was crappy.

Thank you for disowning me.
No demands,

Following commands.

No ambitions,

You set limitations.

A  person so shy,

Never said a lie.

Thank you for not believing in me.
Vacations and trips?

Travelling on cruise and ships.

Never asked for one.

People bragged,

Roamed in cars, branded clothes,

Have no time I gagged.

Local trains, gave me my booz,

I stayed at home dreaming on those.

Thank you for leaving my dreams as dreams and no hopes.
Made my best friend my life,

I couldn’t make you.

Busy you were,

So much work to do.

Neglected I felt.

Thank you for leaving me alone when I needed you the most.
Being sad and depressed,

I know you were stressed.

Wrote a blog for it,

You called it secretive and shit.

Addicted to my cell,
With no one I ever used to gel.

Thank you for never understanding me.
Completed my notes till 2am,

Just so that it’d be easy later.

Only if I knew,

Sleeping early, unsatisfied would be better.

What do you do at night,

Showed my notes as prove,

What a sight,

 to see you doubt  me

Thank you for doubting me.
You’re short,

The society questions me.

Why not accept me the way I am.

Let me be, the only version of me.

Stop blogging, 

Start cycling, be tall like others

Thank you for not accepting me the way I am.


Being with Nani all the time,

Never let me show you my talents,

Never let me shine.

I told you I blog,

Let’s showoff was the first thought.

That’s not why I do it.

But you don’t understand,

Showing off is not my way,

And I’d always say.

Thank you for not giving me time.

Thank you mom. 🙂

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