Lived happily ever after.

“And then, they lived happily ever after…”

 We’ve heard this line in story books, fables and tales. This is how every, or most of the stories ended in our childhood. Only later on we realised how baseless and boring will our life become if it would be happy for eternity.

“The Prince met the Princess and they lived happily ever after.”

From the very beginning we’ve been telling children you’ll meet your Prince and your life will become better. We’ve taught them, to be dependent on someone. We’ve taught them, to wait for someone to make their own life a better place. We’ve taught them, that every end is happy. We’ve taught them, the Prince charming is the goal. 

All through the childhood, children have expectations that one day they will meet their chosen one. On reaching Teenage, they start to find their partner in every individual. They meet many people, keeping in mind the happiness every Disney princess got one meeting their partners. They make NO sacrifices for one another. When the relationship doesn’t work, they start finding someone special again. They try to relate how their favourite Disney princess lived with her Prince for eternity. The expectation kills the reality. They believe someone could change their life, anyone, but themselves. 

There is no, “lived happily ever after.” A life without ups and downs is boring. Have up and downs and live every moment. Don’t wait for your Prince charming, make your life better, yourself.


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