Are scars really beautiful?

“What if you come to know it was a lie, and the stars were just the scars of the sky.”


I was scrolling through my Facebook and I came across this post. It really changed my perspective about seeing the sky and the stars and made me think twice about scars.

We’ve repeatedly listening to songs (scars to your beautiful, by Alessia Cara) on how scars are beautiful and how one should appreciate the inner goodness and not what lies on the outside. But we seriously consider scars as beautiful. We talk about how the stars illuminate the sky and make it scenic. Do we think the same about people with scars? People with scars (both internal and external) are ignored on the bases of being different. Just like the stars, scars, in general are beautiful. Once you know the story behind them, it’ll seem beautiful. Not only the scar, the person, too will seem beautiful just because he had the guts to go through it. Later on, the only thing you’ll realise that you’ve been judging someone and being wrong all the time. The story behind every scar, every person, is beautiful. Only if people wanted to look at them in a different way, the world would be a much better place, for them, for us, for everyone. 

We’ve always consider Beauty as an external characteristic. We live in a world where the Miss Universe is considered as the most beautiful soul.  Scars are beautiful. How is a coffee plantation worker not considered beautiful? How is a cancer patient not considered beautiful? How is a fat/skinny/dark/fair man/woman not considered to be beautiful.

Scars are beautiful, if you believe them to be.


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3 thoughts on “Are scars really beautiful?

  1. One thing that i’ve seen that where as females (not bashing every single female in the world) who say that they care and act all “I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE” tend to be one of those who actually create hate bonds between each other. Also idk why i wrote this anyway PEACE.

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