Is forever really for ever?

We’re living in a time, where the term forever is used very frequently. But the question still lies, is forever really for ever?  

The concept, of forever has been hampered and exploited in the worst way possible. At present, forever is associated something that you might lose in future. How forever had become a relative term, I’d never understand. 




adverb: forever; adverb: for ever

  1. 1.

    for all future time; for always

With regard to friendship and love, forever is taken as, “until you don’t hurt me or cross your limits.” Social media has played a pivotal role in hampering the meaning of forever. Uploading photos with your friends and captioning it as ‘forever’. A few months later, brings only regret when the friendship breaks. We’ve started to establish relationships with people so fast, we assume it’ll last for a life time. 

I’ve stopped using the word forever. I’ve accepted the fact that everyone is going to leave, now or later. Clinging on to people and having one sided expectations of being together forever is a big no for me. Forever is losing its true essence since it’s used so frequently. The magic, the warmth and the charm of forever is dying. Maybe we’ve confused emotions with words. There is still time, we could relive forever and appreciate the Importance. 



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