“Why aren’t you ever serious?”

Why aren’t you ever serious?

 A question that one of my friends asked me. At first I accepted me not being serious but here I write this blog to share the reality.

I’ve been an introvert and never opened up to strangers or even people in general. In college in constantly trying to hide myself and my feelings. I don’t want to show people I’m vulnerable and I get affected. I want to seem cutoff and a guy who doesn’t care about shit. 

I’ve not always been this guy. I was a guy who cared for people, alot. But the way people treated me wasn’t appreciatable and I decided to change.  I don’t think people can reciprocate to me in the same way. Also, most of the people I’ve met don’t meet my emotional intensity. The ones who do, know they’re special. I’ve never opened and opening up, for me, even right now is a big deal. I have selective friends. I don’t have squads, most of them don’t last till the end. I have people who’d I die for.

The only reply I have to, “why aren’t you ever serious?” is, maybe you need to make me trust you and know the real me and not I make superficial. 


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