You deserve attention.

“You deserve attention, until you’re being yourself.”

Every single one of us craves for attention. I won’t say wanting attention is miserable, but everyone needs someone who they can call theirs. And if you’re not able to find someone, people try to gain attention. Gaining attention is good, but the following are definitely the not so good ways. 

To the people who pick up fights to gain attention, DON’T. You’ll get that one person who’ll turn over your life and make it better.

To the people who brag about themselves to gain attention, DON’T. You don’t necessarily need to brag about yourself. Try being down to earth and let your success make the noise.

To the people who stay alone to gain attention, DON’T. You don’t need to act as an introvert. If you can really help an introvert, but don’t show yourself as an introvert to gain attention.

To all the people who insult others to gain attention, DON’T. You’re losing on so many people, and gaining unnecessary hatred from your colleagues.

To all the people who act dumb to gain attention, DON’T. Smart is the new sexy. You’ll meet someone with the same level of yours. Someone who appreciates not having someone dumb asides them.

To all the people who worship their own greatness to gain attention, DON’T. Always remember, greatness is a relative term. The people whom you share you greatness might be wishing you lose it or wouldn’t be interested in the first place.

To all the people reading this, go find your ray of light, just as I find mine. We’re in this together.

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