Reasoning my hiatus.

​Okay, so if you’ve seen my previous blogs, most of you might have noticed my inactivity. I stated that I was busy with college shit. Here’s how.

Two months ago, the students of every school were allotted specific colleges in the basis of their result, online.

The stream that I opted for was commerce, which includes business and money. I was allotted a commerce college right next to my house. It also is the best college in Navi Mumbai. ( Not Mumbai, it’s a reclaimed land and much more developed.) I started college and studying for a stream I never considered, commerce

The first two weeks were awesome. Meeting new people was a new experience altogether. The people were heart warming, too. I loved the people, but some how, the fact that I’m not doing something I like bothered me everytime I went to college.

One month later, I confessed to my mom that I wasn’t able to cope up with the studies of commerce and had nothing to pursue in it either. Since forever, I never understood maths and accounting.

On confession, she tried to manipulate me in the beginning, but later understood my problems were legit.
A friend of mine, motivated me and questioned me as to how could I give up so soon. Later on, he understood my problem.
The stream that I wanted to opt for was Arts. Arts is looked down upon in India. It is called off as, a stream which requires no studies and which is opted by dumb heads. But arts is a subject that teaches you how to understand people and the meaning of life. 

I faced a lot of oppositions from my teachers and family. But my mom, being a biology teacher herself, accepted that my happiness was greater than what the society thinks about us.

The later processes, involved leaving my current college, filling up the online admission form and taking admission in a new Arts college. This took us one entire week. 

The next day on admission, since I was 1 month late in college, I had a lot of work to complete. My journals, notebooks, assignments and exams. I had to make friends again, too.

Another great change, I had to go to Mumbai, i.e. a place I’ve never gone to before, and way to far away from Navi Mumbai, since there wasn’t any Arts college around my place. 

Just last week I submitted my home assignments and the coming week I have my exams.

I’m really sorry for this long hiatus, I was all too messed up.


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