A letter to the future generation…

I received an awesome response on my previous blog, ‘A letter to my future girlfriend’ and i thought of writing another one. Here it is.


To our future generation,

Don’t be us. Don’t repeat the mistakes we did. Yes, we did take the environment for granted and did nothing, but made life miserable. If you survive out of those miseries, we’ll be really proud.

Yes, we did cut trees for the reason of constructing houses. We had no control, we had no clue, about the destruction caused. We shamelessly and carelessly manhandled our future in our hands, leaving you guys with oxygen cylinders. I hope you find an easier and an efficient way of carrying that stuff around. I hope I get to see my grandchildren healthy, with a pumping heart and not how majority of the kids are being born today. Lifeless and still born.

Yes, we did contaminate water and had to purify water before drinking. I’m sorry that we left no water behind for you to drink. We had it polluted too. Only if we took necessary care of water resources, would have you guys have water to drink.

Yes, we turned on the Air-conditioner to make our rooms cool. Only if we realised, we’re making the environment hotter. I’m sorry many of you, die everyday due to heat strokes and low potable water resources, but we needed to make our rooms cool than making the environment cool. We didn’t get our priorities right. 

Yes, we studied environmental science in school, just as a part of the portion in the exam. We never cared, about how diversely and deeply is pollution affecting us. That to, to such a level where we invented a thing as ‘mind’ pollution. Only if we paid attention to EVS lectures to make a difference, the life we lived, would be the life you’d be living.

Sorry for being selfish. Just don’t be us. Sorry for ruining your life. Life? That’s what we wasted. 

Your Grandpa? (Not sure tbh.)


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