The day I came to know stuff…

Around a week ago, I started with my college. (The place I live in, 11th and 12th standards are called colleges and are usually not a part of school.) That’s when a realised a couple of UNNOTICEABLE stuff, that people warned me about a long time ago.(Say two years ago.)

1. LOOKOUT- Once you enter college, your lookout to people, studies and life changes. It all seems ‘shiny’ and 101 other synonymous word of ‘attractive’ when you’re in school. It’s only later on, you understand how shitty it really is. People will judge the hell out of you and also call you A LOT of names.(In my case, from being called Gay to being a slut. I’ve heard ALL of this shit.) The key is being you, believing in you, staying focused to your goals and staying Unoffended despite what people say.

2. MAKING FRIENDS- Just be down to earth. That’s the key. Don’t try to show off you’ll end up embarrassing yourself. Reveal your talents eventually and not all together. Take part in extra curricular activities. Try every activity just so that people notice you. Trying new activities in college is a MUST. I, don’t approach people. Introverted shit. 

3. REALITY BEHIND FRIENDS- Everyone might have told you, school friends are forever. Surely they are, until they get busy in their lives. Only SOME people will meet you and ‘talk’ to you regularly. An excuse that’ll show up every single time, “I had college to attend”.  All, ALL of your new, college friends are temporary and won’t bother about you existing after college ends. When asked, “Not in touch.” will be their answer.

4. PEOPLE- Meeting different people with various backgrounds and varying household’s is every introverts worst nightmare. People judge you. Just stay away and believe in the people who like you for what you are.

Welcome to college life. It sucks, you’re gonna love it.❤


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