That was the best I could do…

​Call me names,

Call me gay,

Ain’t calling out on anyone.

Not playing any games.

Just remember,

Im here to stay.
Can you accept?

Without any denial

Friends we were

Memories and no revival.

Try to remember the times we were priorities,

‘being me’ was surely wasn’t the key.
After a long time we meet,

For you I hold a seat.

Just like the good old days,

When I wasn’t called gay,

We enjoyed.
Maybe, boring I might be,

New friends you definitely see,

Still you don’t get up,

And at my side you be.
You found them fun,

And ganged up against me,

In my eyes you never see,

How difficult it has to be,

Seeing you insult me,

In front of people, 

Unaware and unworthy.
You didn’t stop

And upped your game.

Called me worthless and gay,

But only if you remember,

Hated people for calling you the same.
Laughed it off and utterly lame,

Only if you didn’t do the same.

You exited with a ‘bye’,

Called me shy.

Me being my best with you,

You had no clue,

That was the best I could do…


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