How to battle anxiety, 101.

Hey, I’m not an expert, but this is what helped me. My best friend always says, trying is good, this, was me trying and succeeding. I don’t know when my anxiety could relapse, with what intensity. But I know what to do exactly. After a month of self introspection, I finally know, how I brought my anxiety in control.

Keep track of everything that happens in the day. Keep a record. Write down memos and notes. Combine them into one book. Make anxiety metres everyday. Plan your day in detail. Have 200% control over the day, every minute, every second, according to you. Don’t be harsh, half and hour here and there is alright, but keep things in your hands. Things going out of hand may trigger your anxiety. Pickup a hobby, a pastime. No, not a kids thing. Grow plants, take care of plants. Adopt a pet, buy fishes, feed them. Take up a small, everyday responsibility which won’t interfere with your job, won’t take a lot of effort and time, just a few minutes in the day. Take hour long warm water showers. Sing in the shower as loudly as you can, have mini concerts. Go sit outside, feel the sun rays. Dry your hair in the sun while listening to music in the balcony. Don’t get into arguments. Do not fight. Verbally, mentally, even on your phone. Cut down from social media, trust me it helps. Learn new things, learn to make soup, learn to make rice, learn to make noodles. Learn from your experiences. Read a book whenever you’re travelling. Don’t be on your phone. Read a non fictional, inspiring autobiographical book. Groom yourself, not in the spa, splash water on your face quite often, brush your teeth before sleeping, clean your nails, cut them, get regular haircuts. Have salads with every meal, a cucumber with some salt goes a long way. Have fruits over chips. Listen to good songs. Upbeat, happy songs. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself about the decisions you will make. Start exercising. Don’t hit the gym, start with spot jogging and pull-ups. Stop your caffeine intake. No coffee. No coke. No cold drinks. Nothing with caffeine with it. Invest time in yourself, yet keep yourself busy. Take care of your body, the only person who needs it, is you.

Hey, and, cry. Crying is good. If you feel like crying. Cry.

I’d like to hear from you,



Random // Anxiety.

imagine drowning
in the deep waters
swimming constantly
suffocating and surviving
here comes the wave
a big one
drowns you
leaves you breathless
you try to swim
towards the light
fight or flight
not very easy
you choose to stay
make it worse
lifeless soul in a body
surfacing through the waters
is my anxiety

Random // Putting down your weapons.

Are there days when you want to let everything out to your parents, but then realise how broken they’d be seeing your condition. You cry behind their backs, in your room, under your blanket, when you hear them talking shit about you and hitting your insecurities. How do I tell them that they’re the ones who gave me them. You blame them for your menttal health, low self esteem and we’ll social life to an extent. How do you explain to them, that chatting with your only friend lowers down your anxiety and is the only way out? How they’d never support your dreams but still expect you to share every single of them, only if you knew you had one. Can’t tell them you’ve been battling depression and anxiety together, they wouldn’t understand and well, rant about where them, as parents, went wrong. Maybe parents don’t know parenting, nobody taught them, nobody told them how their, smallest words, affect their child in the worst way possible.

Imagine all of this being said to you, everyday. Everyday, listening to this and you cannot reply. It’s like a war, where you’ve prepared yourself, but put your weapons down, surrender, accept the humiliation and move on.

All of you, makes a me, unfortunately.

Random // Life update.

A random blog.

I know I’m late, but I’ll let this out anyway. Approximately two months ago, I lost someone, a big piece my heart. My grandmother.

She was well, the only grandparent I had, both, maternal and paternal. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you might know how her condition was deteriorating by every second.

My grandmother was bedridden. She was, for the last 6 years. We had a few caretakers over the span of 6 years. Being a typical oldie, she picked up quarrels with all of the caretakers my mom hired, mom and me ended up doing all the work. With being bedridden, she also had Alzheimer’s, clinically accepted and as she just remembered nothing. Paired with Alzheimer’s she also had Parkinson’s. Cutting to the chase, the last meal anyone fed her was me. We were sitting on her bed, where I fed her porrage, considering the fact she shooed away all the caretakers and told them to call me. After I fed her, I made her sleep, patting her head, unaware it would be the last meal she’d ever eat. I sat besides her when she was sleeping, all alone in the house, unaware of the fact I was sitting besides my dead grandmother’s physical body. I had no idea what had happened, she was breathing, but she was brain-dead. My mom came home after two hours, I told her how my grandmother had been sleeping since the last 4 hours. My mom tried to wake her up, shook her, ran a spoon across her foot, tried to wake her up, until the doctors were called in. It was a rainy day, bundled with thundering and lightning, I knew a storm was approaching. It was 1AM, mom was still in the hospital, while I was told to take care of the house like everytime. I slept. I heard some voices when I was asleep, it was mom and all the relatives. I rushed to the other room, the storm, the rains had ended. Mom told me my grandmother passed away, a natural death, in the house itself. We had been taking care of her since 6+ years now. We knew the pain she was in. In the year 2016, she was admitted in the ICU, for 13 times. We knew her pain. We didn’t cry, we bid her goodbye, with a smile on our faces, remembering the strong lady in our hearts, who pulled it off and conquered death since the last 6 years.

Since we’ve completed the last rites and rituals of her, I could hear voices, I had weird dreams. I wasn’t in the state of mind to talk about this, or anything in general. Now I’m in a way better place in my life. I sure miss her, but everything happens for the good.

I’d like to hear from you,




5 years of change.

Goodluck if you thought this blog was how puberty hit me. It isn’t about puberty. The eyes have seen much more. The heart has felt much more. Life is livable now.

It’s been 5 years. It’s been 5 years since I’ve undergone many changes in my life. Mentally, physically, socially, I’ve changed as an individual. I’ve been broken, but I’ve been mending myself as well, better than before. I’ve realised how I needed to change and how I needed to cherish my life, despite having to fight all the odds. I hope life will get better, but I don’t want to ignore the small ray of hope of life getting better. 

5 years ago, I didn’t have friends. I had people around me, who didn’t care as much. People I rarely spoke to, people who never respected my thought processes, people who liked living in a box. How does it feel being surrounded by so many people who oppose you, and you cannot escape? Basically this was my school life in a sentence. I always felt out of place. But eventually life has been considerate with the people I have been interacting with. I’ve got the best group of friends right now, people who understand me and have a similar thought process. Everything makes sense and fits perfectly. Just hang on, better things will come to you. It took me 5 years to leave behind people who were close to me, but were just superficial friends. Trust me and hang on.

The last 5 years have been an emotional ride. I’ve lost many people, been used by people, and been bullied a lot as well. Let’s not forget to sadness which later on, turned into depression. Well it’s been 5 years and I’ve decided to focus on the positives more than the negatives. I have just become emotionally really stronger which will hopefully help me in long run. Every one who left, thank you. I can’t thank you enough.

I had ‘best’ friends. Kinda. Yes I did, but I never knew it wasn’t the best for either of us. It was always one sided, where people eventually left me. It was very superficial and very fake, everything we spoke about was just very lame. Friendship based on needs and ignorance don’t last long. 5 years, no best friend. But then something happened, I texted a guy for help, only if we knew it would turn into something really special. Yes, he is my first best friend, someone I can actually trust on. Just the fact we’ve got each others back, helps alot at times. Well maybe, this is what acceptance​ feels like. This is what meeting the right person after 5 years seems like. 

Don’t do bad to you. If I ever had to give my past self an advice, it would be, don’t do bad to you. Don’t let people inflict any kind of pain on you. Don’t be with people who tell your dreams are out of way and you cannot achieve them. Don’t be with people who don’t find you worth. Don’t let anyone affect you in a negative way.  Don’t let people question your self esteem. Just drift away, slowly, and cherish the one thing you’ll always have, yourself.

These five years have changed me. Happiness is my first priority and I mean it. I just feel free now. Cheers to change. Let’s change and become good human beings, that’s all that matters, at the end of the day.

I’d like to hear from you,


Random // Happiness.

I caught myself smiling at 11:55. Just so randomly. I might’ve never been this happy in the recent times. I honestly don’t know what just happened. I’m just really happy. I’m listening to Miley Cyrus Malibu and my best friend just gave me a really good news right now. I just realised how cute are the people around me. How I’ve been celebrating literally every happy thing in life recently. It’s just, I’ve started to appreciate these happy phases. It’s just I’m really happy right now and I cannot express it enough. 

I just believe a lot in the power of love. Not love, as in the romantic part. Love from your friends. Love from your partner. Love from you best friend. It just changes you as a person. I can see it changing me as a person. I’ve started loving people more than I ever did. I’ve started telling people I love them. 

Thank you, Miley Cyrus. Thank you, Malibu and the lyrics, for making so much sense and just being a happy song all together. Even though I’m not the happiest, in general right now. But this moment, this very second I’m typing this, feels heavenly. It just feels like, what I was missing from the last few years, happiness. I don’t think anyone tried to do anything. It was just a really happy situation around me and I had to light up. It’s just this moment is how I want my life to be. Just Happy and personal growth. I just want to be a good human being. A person someone could look upto and something my family wanted me to be.  It’s just a really very happy moment for me. I can see myself growing and that’s what I wanted.

I just thought how different life would be, if I hadn’t been​ with the right people. People not judging me, never asking me to tell them my life stories. Just celebrating every moment with them. I’m around people who want to see me happy.

I’d like to hear from you




Random // My Rapist.

I can just feel her. She took care of me and taught me being sensitive. She caught my body and strangled me till I gave up. At first, I didn’t. She slowly enticed my body and entered it. She broke my self esteem and will to live. A tortured soul, in one, already imperfect body. She found my scars, turned them into cuts. Eventually turned into wounds. She didn’t let the previous ones to heal. Wound after wound, something died. Not me. Not my will. Just my soul. Day by day, making me regret to ever to open up. Day by day, bit by bit, destroying me, my dreams. No shiny eyes, no a smile on the face. Suffocation made me give up. You turned my life into misery. You forced me to cleanse myself. Scrubbing so hard, I’d bleed, I’d cry. Lived in depression and everyone called it normal. No one understood. Not even you. I hope I had someone I could talk to. I just feel so vulnerable everyday. 

Dear​ mom. You rape my soul. 

I’d like to hear from you,